Assembly service

Assembly service from a specialist - The better move!

Only the qualified assembly of your furniture makes the move perfect. Sometimes the old furniture does not fit the conditions in the newly moved rooms. The shelves have to be adjusted, the wardrobe changed or a cupboard door moved. No problem for the trained fitters at Heinrich Klingenberg. They assemble your furniture according to your wishes. All our employees are trained specialists and undergo regular further training. They are familiar with all current cabinet and furniture systems and are trained in good time for every new programme on the market. With expertise, special tools and kid gloves, Klingenberg fitters guarantee fast and qualified assembly. The professional dismantling and assembly of furniture is part of their daily routine.

Kitchen assembly with the professionals - everything from a single source with Klingenberg

But we can do more than just furniture. Our removal company employs kitchen carpenters and kitchen fitters who can take care of the professional installation and conversion of your kitchen. This applies to the installation and connection of the existing kitchen in its previous state as well as to kitchens that need to be adapted to the new rooms. For example, if an L-shaped kitchen is to be converted into a U-shaped one, a new worktop is to be installed, or new appliances and accessories are to be added. It is not unusual for the form and function of the kitchen to change after a move. This is the rule rather than the exception. If you decide to take your kitchen with you from your old home, you will usually need the help of several specialist companies to carry out the work involved, as this may require external electricians, plumbers or carpenters. At Klingenberg, you can get all these services from a single source. Our competent kitchen installation teams are staffed by fitters who connect all plumbing and electrical systems properly. If additional connections are required or if the connections do not fit the appliances, our expert craftsmen come into play. At Klingenberg you can rely on a qualified and professional complete kitchen installation, of course with warranty. With a kitchen installation at Klingenberg, you can always expect first-class removal service.

Competence and

Professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules - experience that makes the difference.

and quality

Our fitters and installation services turn a "great" into a "wow". The very best service options from furniture assembly to drilling and dowelling work to connecting cookers and lamps. Even for complex office furnishings!

Adherence to deadlines and

Companies in particular maintain a web of dependencies and responsibilities; communication and timing are our greatest endeavours. Only when the production chain is disturbed and interrupted as minimally as possible is a company relocation successful for us.

Specialists for furniture assembly - Your partner for furniture assembly in Hamburg

Assembly service from the expert

Assembly, logistics and service for furniture manufacturers

We take care of logistics, assembly and various other services for furniture manufacturers. These include the delivery of office and living room furniture or, in the case of direct delivery, the installation and assembly at the end customer's premises. Only trained specialists work at the Heinrich Klingenberg furniture removal company. Our assembly teams are trained in all common furniture systems (including USM-Haller and many more) and work quickly, reliably and on schedule. For our manufacturer customers, we plan furniture transports and furniture assemblies from the production site to the ready-to-use handover of entire office buildings. Of course, we not only take care of the installation of lamps and technical equipment, but also of the professional disposal of the packaging material. Customer service and returns management are also in reliable hands with us.

Our services for furniture manufacturers:

  • Furniture transport
  • Assembly work
  • Packaging and quality control
  • Receipt of goods
  • Disposal of the packaging material
  • Processing of complaints
  • Customer service
  • Disposal of old furniture

As specialists in assembly, we assemble all furniture ready for use where you need it

Assembly of wardrobes and beds

Professional assembly service for removal customers

New rooms offer new possibilities. People who are moving often think about how they want to furnish their new home in advance. Sometimes the old furniture simply doesn't fit into the new home, for example because there isn't enough floor space or the piece of furniture is simply too bulky. Modular furniture systems can be used in an infinite number of ways. They can be completely disassembled and reassembled into something completely new. In this way, a bookshelf becomes a coat rack or a shoe cupboard in no time at all. Modular furniture systems are becoming increasingly popular. We are familiar with all current brands and have the necessary special tools for dismantling and assembling your furniture and furnishings. Discuss with our furniture assemblers where, what and how to assemble. The assembly and reconstruction of your furniture according to your wishes and adapted to the new premises is a standard part of our removal service. As a discerning customer, you can rest assured that your furniture is in the best hands with our trained specialists and that your furniture will be handled with care and respect.

Safely assembled with the experts from Klingenberg

Our qualified furniture makers will take care of all the assembly and carpentry work involved in your move. Particularly large and heavy furniture should be assembled and installed by professionals so that it is safe and can be used for a long time without posing a risk of accidents. This applies, for example, to larger shelving units or wall cupboards, built-in wardrobes, loft or double beds and children's room furniture. Nothing should wobble or stand crooked.

Safely connected with the experts from Klingenberg

The connection of lamps and luminaires also belongs in the hands of professionals. This is because electrical work is one of the so-called hazardous trades that may only be carried out by specialist companies. Replacing illuminants, such as light bulbs or LEDs, is no problem, anyone can do it. However, make sure that the lamp and the fuse are switched off. Even if a fuse has blown, you can do it yourself and switch it on again. You are also allowed to put up, take down or move lamps. However, only a professional is allowed to connect them. There is no fine if a layman connects a lamp, but if damage occurs, there is no insurance cover. It is therefore better to have the professionals connect all the lamps during a move.

Better disposed of with the experts from Klingenberg

Every move offers the opportunity to really clean out. Many people who move take the opportunity to get rid of superfluous things or excess furniture. After all, a new flat is always a new start. Many people treat themselves to a new sofa that fits better in the new living room or a new kitchen because they no longer like the old one. If you need to dispose of old furniture or kitchens during your move, we are the right partner for you. Professional disposal in the bulky waste is part of our assembly services.

At Heinrich Klingenberg, you receive all services related to your move and moving into your new home from a single source.

Klingenberg furniture assembly - we have experienced craftsmen at our disposal

Assembly service nationwide

Assembly of cabinets etc.

Professionalism and experience are the most important prerequisites for qualified furniture assembly. To ensure that your furniture is not only optimally adapted to the conditions of your new home, but can also be reassembled exactly as we dismantled it, we leave nothing to chance. We work with a numbering system. In the case of cupboards, for example, all parts are marked by our fitters before they are dismantled. We use the Heinrich Klingenberg assembly labels for this. The cupboard parts are numbered consecutively from left to right. Disassembled cupboard parts are put down after the walls and floor have been protected against damage. Our furniture assembly teams dismantle fittings and, of course, pack them in such a way that they are not damaged during transport and do not damage other pieces of furniture.

We store screws, keys and other small parts accessories in key bags so that nothing gets lost. The key bags are either collected in a separate box or attached directly to the inside of the respective wardrobe. With the numbered parts, the assembly of the furniture at its new destination is quickly done. In order to align the cupboard perfectly during reassembly, we naturally take the spirit level to hand. We level out any unevenness in the floor with wooden furniture wedges.

At Heinrich Klingenberg, your furniture assembly is in the best hands. We will be happy to make you an offer.