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In order to spare you all imaginable inconvenience in the event of damage, a special transport insurance policy has been developed together with the confern head office and KRAVAG insurance (KRAVAG is the leading insurance group for the road transport and logistics industry in Germany), which significantly exceeds the statutory liability provisions in its coverage. So when you move with Heinrich Klingenberg, you don't have to worry about your belongings at all. We will do everything we can to deliver your belongings safely to the destination of your choice. Even if our employees handle your removal goods with the utmost care, damage can never be completely ruled out. To avoid unnecessary risks, we work with additional removal transport insurances, which in the event of damage will reimburse you for the replacement value of the damaged piece of furniture.

If something does happen
gets broken

If damage occurs during a move, the question of liability arises. Transport insurance is a sensible investment for the customer, which can minimise the risk of transport damage during the move and is liable in the event of damage.

Expert support

We provide you with experienced experts worldwide for all moving services. All employees are specialists and extremely competent contacts, we are personally available to answer all your questions about your move.

Removal company with
certified quality

Our company's certifications guarantee you high quality in removals. As a confern company, you also benefit from a strong German and worldwide network with which we handle removals all over the world.

International insurance solutions for all cases

Your move, in safe hands worldwide

High Quality Household Goods & Art

Art, antiques and valuable goods, but also favourite pieces, require special protection! The legal and freight regulations usually only provide for limited liability, which usually does not correspond to the actual value of the removal goods. We offer an additional insurance solution for the transport and storage of the objects. Together with well-known insurance companies, we have designed tailor-made insurance policies for the individual product areas. The insurance policies include full coverage against e.g. fire, burglary, mains water and storm as well as comprehensive protection against damage and destruction - and this detached from the legal liability limitations. We will be happy to provide you with an individual insurance offer for your assets.

Is removal insurance included with a removal company?

What is the basic liability?

Basic liability is not insurance!

According to §451e of the Commercial Code, the basic insurance/basic liability by a removal company is only €620.00 per cubic metre of removal goods. If your crockery, furniture and other removal goods significantly exceed this amount, it is advisable to take out additional transport insurance. Of course, it is also possible to insure your household effects at replacement value - for all removals and storage worldwide. However, even with the greatest care, the possibility of damage can never be completely ruled out, for example due to a traffic accident that was not your fault.

The removal transport insurance

Insurance costs money. No insurance can cost you a fortune. This can happen: Even if the removal company takes the greatest care, the removal goods can be damaged. Especially the different means of transport, which are often used for removals abroad, increase the risk of damage. You should know this: If something is broken or lost, your mover's liability is limited by law. And in certain cases he is not liable at all, e.g. in the case of unavoidable events. In extreme cases, you are left sitting on the damage. Here's what you can do: With the right removal insurance, you reduce the cost risk in the event of transport damage or loss of the removal goods. Let the Klingenberg experts advise you.

Play it safe with transport insurance

This is the ideal way to secure your removal goods!

Removal services Hamburg and worldwide

You want to move and don't know exactly how to insure yourself? Our service advantages for you as the person moving: We support you in all questions that arise and are a competent contact partner, which creates security and ensures the necessary trust. Klingenberg supports you in many ways with the tasks that directly affect you as the person moving. Together with you, we draw up the requirements profile and take care of all the details. For this reason, we have developed a transport insurance policy that offers you maximum security. Its sum insured goes far beyond the statutory liability provisions. With it, it is possible, for example, to insure your removal goods not only at current value, but also at replacement value, so that you do not suffer any financial loss in the event of a necessary new purchase.

Full Cover - Why is additional transport insurance useful?

Maximum protection

Full Cover - 360° all-round protection

This insurance covers the entire removal process as defined by you, i.e. from dismantling to assembly at your removal destination, including transport and storage. Of course, all special features are also taken into account, such as your antiques, expensive crockery and works of art, etc., according to your wishes and needs. Simply ask us without obligation:

  • Time / replacement value insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Warehouse insurance
  • IT insurance

Choosing the right removal insurance can help minimise financial risk when moving house, be sure to seek advice!