Removals for seniors

Removals for seniors - Simply move with Heinrich Klingenberg

Even if you are still in good shape, at an advanced age every move is a challenge. This is not only true for lifting and carrying heavy objects such as cupboards, sofas or even the washing machine. Just the decision to change homes once again in old age is stressful for many seniors. Leaving the flat or the house in which one has spent many years and to which many memories are attached is usually difficult. But taking care of the beautiful, large garden can become too tedious at some point, and keeping a larger flat or house in order can become a burden. In order to remain active and independent and to enjoy life properly, a change of location is often necessary. Either to be near the children or grandchildren or to a flat that is adapted to the needs of old age. Or have you got wanderlust and want to spend the best years of your life in the south?

Moving with the professionals - Klingenberg by tradition

Once the decision has been made to move house, you should use your energy to plan your new phase in life and not waste it on organising a nerve-wracking move. The Heinrich Klingenberg removal company will handle your senior citizen move with care and sensitivity. We are a long-established Hamburg removal company with more than 140 years of experience in removals and transports of all kinds. Not only do we reliably and cost-effectively take care of your move out and move in, our claim is also to make your senior move as easy and stress-free as possible. This allows you to prepare for your upcoming phase of life in peace and quiet, and to look forward to your new home without distractions. We do the work, you just sit back and relax.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the move, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just packing mules - experience that makes the difference.

and quality

Competence and reliability, as well as thinking along with others and taking responsibility - these are our strengths. You can rely on us to always deliver the agreed service, because our main goal is to be a reliable partner. Since 1877 - we take care of your move.

Removals with heart
and mind

All-round carefree service for older people. Senioren Umzüge Hamburg: Especially for pensioners and senior citizens in the North German region. With empathy, professional advice and comprehensive moving services, we accompany you on your way to your new home. A wide range of tips for seniors awaits you.

Our removal expert will be happy to advise you on senior-friendly removals

Experts from start to home

Uncomplicated relocation with Klingenberg's special senior relocation service

Especially for older people, moving out of familiar surroundings is a great strain. Packing boxes and cartons with memories of earlier times can be emotionally very exhausting. And family or friends cannot always be supportive. Be it because they don't live nearby or are physically unable to help. A professional removal company is the right choice to move into a new home with as little stress and worry as possible. Even better is a removal company that offers a removal service specifically for the needs of older people, like the senior removal service from Heinrich Klingenberg.

Moving in old age - tailor-made moving service with Heinrich Klingenberg

With our senior removal service, we can offer you a wide range of services for your change of residence. Depending on how much help you need and want, we will pack all your household goods, dismantle your furniture, kitchen, lamps, curtains etc.. We help with unpacking and assembling furniture, lamps, kitchen and technical appliances, according to your wishes. We are also happy to assist you with sorting out, clearing out or tradesmen's work and take care of your old flat until it is handed over to the landlord or buyer in a swept clean condition.

Always at your side: Your personal Klingenberg removal consultant

A personal Klingenberg relocation consultant will assist you before, during and after the move and advise you on all questions relating to your senior move. You can discuss all details relevant to the move with him or her on site. Are you still fit and handy? Or will family and friends help you pack and unpack, clear out or clean up? Based on your wishes, your removal consultant will prepare a tailor-made offer with all the services you need. This offer is binding. You will not experience any unpleasant surprises with us, such as subsequent claims. With Heinrich Klingenberg, your senior citizen move is in the best hands.

Moving without stress - we make moving easy for seniors

Moving services for the elderly

Senior removal service from Klingenberg - with fingertips and feeling

The Heinrich Klingenberg removal company specialises in senior citizen removals. Our senior removal service is specifically geared towards the needs of older people. We know from experience how emotional saying goodbye to the old home can be, as many wonderful years were often spent here. Removals for the elderly therefore require not only a professional removal team, but also compassion and empathy. The employees of our senior removal service are trained to remain calm in sensitive situations and remain friendly and professional even in exceptional circumstances.

Senior citizen relocation with Klingenberg - it couldn't be easier

Our removal teams dismantle and pack furniture, kitchens, lights and curtains professionally and reassemble and rehang everything as required after transport. Your removal goods are driven to your new home by trained drivers in modern, air-suspended vans. We are also happy to unpack the removal boxes. Our professional fitters are responsible for electrical and plumbing installations. At the Klingenberg removal company, you will receive a removal offer that is optimally adapted to your wishes. You can book your senior citizen move with us as a complete move or order only individual services. With our full-service removal, you simply open the door for us on the day of the move and we take care of the rest - in an uncomplicated, reliable and careful manner. We take care of the clean and tidy move-out and the handover of your old flat as well as the complete move-in to your new home. After a relaxing day, you can look forward to a fully furnished flat in the evening. Moving couldn't be more comfortable!

Incl. installation of furniture, curtains, TV sets, lamps, etc.

Senior citizen removals with the Assembly Services

Moving in old age - What do I need to take with me?

Young people are much more mobile than older people. They move regularly, usually with the help of family and friends. With a small amount of household goods, many helping hands and a rented lorry, this is usually no problem. But at the latest when a family has been founded or the last move was more than a decade ago, it is better to let the professionals take over. Because over the course of time, you accumulate more than you think. Not only do all the items from the home have to be packed, dismantled and transported for a move, cellars, garages or attics also have to be cleared out. Especially there, a lot of junk accumulates. Whether all this has to go with you to your new home is something you should consider well in advance. As a professional removal service provider, we can take care of the professional disposal and clearing out if necessary. We are happy to buy furniture that is in good condition.

Pack and pack correctly so that everything arrives safely

Heinrich Klingenberg offers you all services related to your senior citizen move from a single source, so you don't have to make arrangements with different service providers. With our removal teams, you are in the best hands for your senior move. If you wish, they will pack your entire inventory carefully and unbreakably with packing paper or bubble wrap. This includes fragile items such as lamps, mirrors, glass, porcelain, pictures, etc. Clothes can be stowed in our large clothes boxes straight from the wardrobe. Our packers also ensure that furniture and other furnishings are disassembled for transport, wrapped in moving blankets or protective film, so that high-quality surfaces are protected and no scratches or damage to the furniture occurs. We offer special protective packaging for valuable paintings or works of art.

Removal company Heinrich Klingenberg - we are happy to help

The Heinrich Klingenberg removal company has decades of experience in the planning and execution of senior citizen removals in Hamburg. Our specially trained employees are familiar with the most diverse wishes of our clientele. They will ensure a smooth and uncomplicated move with understanding. We offer comprehensive services from a single source. We are happy to help you plan the furnishings of your new home. We store furniture that you can't or don't want to part with temporarily or for a longer period of time in our modern, heated storage facilities. Furniture warehouse a. For cellars, garages or objects that you no longer want to keep, we offer professional clearing out and disposal until the object is handed over in a swept clean condition. Complete household clearances are also part of our Services. We will make you a purchase offer for furniture in good condition. And if you are not mobile, we will of course be happy to take you and your personal removal helpers to your new home with our driving service.

Our removal services for senior citizens

  • Help with planning the furnishings at the new residence
  • Professional craftsman service for installation work of all kinds
  • Position of packaging materials
  • Packing and unpacking your removal goods
  • Professional disassembly and assembly of furniture, lamps and kitchen
  • Personal transport service
  • Furniture storage
  • Final cleaning and painting at the old residence/ handover of the flat
  • Clearing out/ disposal/ household clearance
  • Free consultation at your premises
Our senior relocation service offers the entire Klingenberg range of services in the usual quality. Ask for your personal offer. We look forward to hearing from you!