Staff relocation

Staff relocation in Germany, Europe and overseas - with Klingenberg

There is only one chance for the first impression. We help you score points with your new employees through a professionally organised employee relocation. Especially a job-related move should be as uncomplicated and smooth as possible so that your employee arrives at his new workplace relaxed and in a good mood and can fully concentrate on his new tasks. The relocation company Heinrich Klingenberg guarantees its corporate clients a safe and successful employee relocation without stress and hassle for those involved. We are your experienced and reliable relocation partner and offer our corporate clients the best possible support for staff relocations. Our concern is to keep the effort for your company and the stress for your employees as low as possible.

More planning security with framework agreement for staff relocation

With our favourable framework agreements, your budget planning is simplified and you can save yourself the tedious comparison of obtained offers. Clearly defined conditions for employee relocations offer medium and long-term planning security. For companies that regularly move their staff to new locations, we offer suitable framework agreement solutions for national and international relocations. These framework agreements define the agreed relocation procedures and the scope of relocation services. With a permanent cooperation through framework agreements for corporate employees, you receive a "top-class" service at a fair, transparent price. You decide which services and services should be taken over for your employee relocations. We deliver solutions tailored to your needs. An individually negotiated framework agreement is the right relocation solution for you and your company. As one of the leading relocation service providers and furniture logistics companies in Northern Germany, we have strong, personnel and technical capacities to relocate your employees reliably and on time all year round and also during the usual seasonal periods.

Movemanagement for
Staff secondment

Klingenberg International is a globally active relocation service provider specialising in move management and employee relocation. We place the highest value on individual advice and tailor-made solutions. Your advantage is that you receive a fair, transparent price at a "top class" service. At the same time, we have strong capacities at all times, even during the usual seasonal periods.

Eurovan International
Moving Network

EUROVAN is an organisation of independent leading local removal companies and each company carries on its business of local removals. EUROVAN's headquarters is based in Mannheim, Germany - in the middle of Europe. All partners have the possibility to log their European moves to the headquarters so that empty mileage is reduced and combinations can be found in reflecting on monetary savings.

Storage or
Interim storage

There are many reasons to store furniture for a longer period of time or for a short period of time: a delay in the completion of the new house, a temporary stay abroad, a household liquidation, inherited furniture or simply too little space within your own four walls. If you as an employee are temporarily ordered to other locations, we are the right removal partner who will also temporarily store your removal goods.

Stress-free to the new workplace - from local to global

We plan your employee relocations

Relaxed to the new workplace with the moving company Heinrich Klingenberg

Employee relocations for corporate clients are part of the core competence of Klingenberg Umzugslogistik. With 140 years of experience in the planning and execution of national and international relocations, we can guarantee our clients an optimal and reliable employee relocation - and the relocating employees a stress-free start at their new workplace. We know from many years of experience that careful planning is the most important prerequisite for a successful move. That's why you should contact an internationally experienced moving company like Heinrich Klingenberg in good time, who will provide you and your employees with competent and reliable support in preparing for the move. We have been moving people for 140 years - with success, care and pleasure.

We move, you move in - according to your wishes

Our standard services include comprehensive relocation advice and a site inspection at the old place of residence by a Klingenberg relocation consultant. He or she will be your personal contact before, during and after the move. For us, every relocating person is like an independent customer with individual needs. And everyone receives a relocation plan adapted to the respective accompanying circumstances. Depending on requirements and agreements, we take care of the dismantling and reassembly of furniture and kitchens, electrical and plumbing work. The provision of packing material is one of our standard services. Our professional packers are happy to take care of transport- and break-proof packing in standard and special packaging and, if desired, unpacking at the new place of residence. Our speciality is the transport and logistics of high-value furniture, of course with specially arranged no-stopping zones. If desired, we can arrange the moving date directly with the person moving. Our efficient removal teams ensure a smooth process with their expertise and modern technology. For employees who are only temporarily sent to other locations, we offer short-, medium- and long-term interim and storage in our modern, heated furniture warehouses.

Carefree organisation and professional implementation!

Removals for company employees

Stress-free to the new workplace - from local to global

Whether it is a simple transfer, relocation or the arrival of a new employee, HR departments regularly have to organise relocations for company employees. Especially in the globalised world of work, the greatest possible flexibility is demanded from employees and also from companies. Job-related relocations are part of this. For companies this is just an administrative act, but for the employees concerned it is often a challenge. Although new opportunities arise at the new place of residence, a move always means excitement and saying goodbye to what you have come to love. New city, new colleagues, new working environment, maybe even a new language - how can you find time to pack and move? A reliable and experienced removal company is the best support for a good start into the new working life.

Competent partner for move management and employee secondment

As a globally active relocation logistics provider, Klingenberg International has special expertise in move management and employee dispatches. We routinely work together with a worldwide network of competent partners. Among other things, Klingenberg is a member of the confern- and EUROVAN network with more than 3000 employees in Europe. In addition, we have access to more than 2000 overseas agents in over 165 countries. We guarantee that all our partners meet the same high standards of quality, care, reliability and expertise as we do - and that too certified. The Klingenberg removal company places the highest value on individual advice, personal support and custom-fit solutions for staff relocations. The most important premise for us is to keep the effort for the company and the stress for the movers as low as possible, while optimally fulfilling our corporate clients' requirements for quality, speed and reliability.

All-round carefree packages - safe and fast at your new workplace

Only the best for your employees

Individual solutions for you and your employees

Not only do we cater to your and your employees' individual needs when it comes to setting up services, but we also, of course, adapt our schedules to the wishes of our customers. Whether at the beginning or end of the month, in summer or winter, during the day or at night, even on Christmas or New Year's Eve, if need be, we will be there for you. No matter where or when you need us, with Klingenberg Removal Company you can count on a successful and stress-free move. As a globally active removal service provider, we have an extensive network of competent partners all over the world with whom we have been working successfully for years. This means that we can personally look after your employees throughout the entire move to ensure a successful start at the new place of work.

All-round carefree packages - safe and uncomplicated to the new workplace

While your employees can concentrate on their day-to-day business, we take care of the entire move with our all-round carefree package or, if you wish, we can also take care of individual tasks. You define the scope of services for your employee move. As a long-established and successful relocation logistics provider from Hamburg, we have already proven many times that we can master even large and extensive projects on schedule (here link to references).
If you wish, we can only take care of the professional and safe transport of furniture within Germany or abroad. If required, we can also take care of the cleaning and handover of the old and new flat as part of a full-service move. In addition, we take care of administrative matters, register electricity, gas and water or help you find a place in a kindergarten.

Storage or temporary storage

When moving house, it may be necessary to store furniture for a longer period of time or temporarily. For example, if the completion of the new home is delayed, the stay abroad is only temporary or there is simply not enough space for the inherited furniture in the new four walls. We have also been active as a furniture forwarder for decades and operate five spacious, modern and heated furniture warehouses in northern Germany alone. There is room here for both freight forwarding goods and removal goods. If you as an employee are temporarily ordered to other locations and do not want to take all your furniture with you, please contact us. We store furniture, household goods and removal goods safely and dryly.