Furniture transport

Heinrich Klingenberg - Your expert for furniture transport 

For more than 140 years, we have been ensuring that furniture is moved safely from A to B. Heinrich Klingenberg is a long-established furniture transport company from Hamburg. With experience, know-how and reliability, we are your right partner for professional furniture transport in Germany. With a partner network (here the link to confern) of more than 60 furniture transport companies nationwide, we support you professionally in the transport of furniture and other heavy or bulky items. The Klingenberg Furniture Removal Company attaches particular importance to carrying out furniture transports of all kinds professionally.

Safe transport by specialist personnel at Klingenberg

At Heinrich Klingenberg, we rely exclusively on trained specialists. Our removal consultants plan your furniture transport routinely, reliably and on schedule. Our furniture workers and fitters are trained in all common furniture systems and will dismantle, pack and reassemble your goods professionally. Our fleet of vehicles is also only moved by trained drivers, so that your furniture arrives safely and without damage at its destination. We also take care of your furniture transport professionally, quickly and reliably. In Hamburg, Germany and all over the world. No distance is too short or too long for us. We drive your furniture around the corner or ship it to the other end of the world. With Klingenberg Möbeltransporte, we flexibly adapt to our customers' wishes and ensure stress-free and punctual transport of your furniture.

Competence and

Competence and reliability, as well as thinking along and taking responsibility, these are our strengths. You can rely on us to always deliver the agreed service, because our main goal is to be a reliable partner at your side. Successful since 1877 - we take care of your move.

and quality

As different as our customers are, so are the demands and tasks that every furniture transport places on us. In order to be able to meet these diverse demands, we place the highest value on the quality of our employees. All furniture movers have many years of professional experience.

Removal material - stable, tear-resistant and inexpensive

You need the appropriate moving boxes? No problem, we will be happy to supply you! Particularly valuable removal goods must also be specially protected during transport. We only use professional moving boxes, book boxes, archive boxes, clothes boxes and other high-quality moving material.

We help you - effortless furniture transport, whether private or commercial

Experts for furniture transport

Furniture transport Germany-wide

Nationwide furniture transports are part of our daily routine. We travel to various German cities once a week, including Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. What is uncomplicated daily business for us is often associated with a lot of effort and stress for our customers. It starts with how bulky furniture has to be disassembled properly so that it fits into the new flat or office. And how to transport it all without damaging anything?

Klingenberg furniture transports - with quality and service

Our qualified Klingenberg furniture craftsmen will be happy to take on these tasks for you. All our employees are trained in the professional disassembly and reassembly of furniture from a wide range of manufacturers (including USM Haller). They will carry out your furniture removal professionally and conscientiously. By the way: it is not always necessary to disassemble furniture, even if it is bulky. What can be transported in one piece is usually not disassembled. This saves time and reduces the cost of transport. Our professional teams also take care of loading and unloading the furniture van. In doing so, we do not deliver to the kerbside. We believe that our customers do not deserve to move heavy and bulky furniture into their homes or offices on their own. We deliver your furniture where you need it: To the living room, bedroom or office. Of course, we also carry out all necessary furniture assembly (here is the link to furniture assembly) quickly and professionally at the new location.

Well networked thanks to international cooperation partners

The professionals for furniture transport

Safely from A to B with the furniture forwarder Heinrich Klingenberg

As a professional furniture mover, we can offer you - beyond pure transport - many other services. From the professional disassembly and reassembly of furniture and kitchens to a professional packing and craftsman service for all electrical or plumbing work to the organisation and handling of special transports, something grand pianos, valuable works of art, servers or sports equipment. As we have also been active as an international furniture forwarder for decades, we have detailed knowledge of all the necessary formalities (customs and import regulations) for worldwide furniture transports.

Our services for furniture transport:

  • Furniture transport including dismantling and assembly
  • Kitchen transports including dismantling and assembly
  • IT transports including uninstallation and installation
  • Handyman service for sanitary and electrical work
  • Special transports (piano, grand piano, works of art)
  • Professional packing service
  • Modern air-suspended, padded box trucks
  • Short-, medium- and long-term storage
  • Household clearances (de-cluttering, disposal)
  • Provision of sea containers
  • Handling of customs formalities

Stress-free transport with your furniture forwarder Klingenberg

International furniture transport

Why is professional furniture transport important?

Moving furniture is usually a personal and individual matter. Everyone moves in their own way, according to their wishes and needs, the size of the flat, the abundance of furnishings or the size of their wallet. Some book a complete move (here is the link to Full-Service-Move), in which they are present neither in the old nor in the new flat on the day of the move, and only receive a fully functional new flat furnished according to their wishes when everything is over. Others prefer to do everything themselves, dismantle shelves, pack boxes and move many things into the new home before the actual move. But professional help is needed at the latest when dismantling or transporting a kitchen, cupboard walls, washing machines or bed frames.

Risk of damage if not transported professionally

The risk of damage is high when kitchens and furniture are not dismantled and reassembled properly and during DIY transports. If the furniture is not sufficiently secured, it can slip and be damaged during the journey. Kitchens or furniture that have not been assembled correctly may stand crooked or not securely or may collapse at some point. But particularly valuable furniture, such as design classics or antiques, or even concert grand pianos, always belong in the hands of experienced professionals. Experienced and reliable furniture workers dismantle and pack large, bulky and valuable furniture expertly so that it arrives safely and without damage in its new home and is properly reassembled there. The furniture is transported - professionally stowed - in air-suspended furniture vans. In this way, transport damage can be prevented. This always includes sufficient insurance cover for furniture transport.

Transport is not everything, we also dismantle and reassemble on request

Highest service for furniture transport

What does furniture transport cost?

In order to reliably estimate the cost of a furniture transport, a consultant from Klingenberg Möbelspedition will get an overview of the goods to be transported. The following factors are decisive for calculating the costs:

  • Volume of the transported goods
  • Size of the required truck
  • Number of movers
  • Distance between loading and unloading point
  • Required packaging material
  • Additional equipment required, e.g. furniture lift

Your personal Klingenberg removal consultant will provide you with an individual offer, tailored to your transport goods and your wishes. Our offers are binding. This means that you will not incur any additional costs or subsequent demands. As a professional mover you can rely on Heinrich Klingenberg for a transparent cost calculation. With us, you only pay for what you have ordered.

Save costs on furniture transport

We transport additional loads at particularly favourable rates (here is the link to additional loads). We transport your furniture in removal vans that are already booked for other removals or transports, but still have sufficient space. Partial loads are particularly worthwhile for customers who are not bound to fixed dates.

But: When choosing a transport company, it is not only the price that should be decisive, but above all the experience and reliability of the mover. Find out how other customers have rated Heinrich Klingenberg's service (link to reviews) - and let us convince you that your furniture is in safe hands with us. 

Heinrich Klingenberg Möbelspedition - is your service partner for furniture transport in Hamburg and Germany. We would be pleased if you requested a quote from us.