Storing things - we have the storage facilities you need!

Moving to a new home brings with it many changes. Not all the possessions always fit into or into the new place of residence. Be it because the flat is too small or the cut of the flat does not allow it. But where to put the furniture and objects that are dear to you? Things that are not dear to your heart can be simply and easily removed during your move. Dispose of properlyWe can safely store everything else for you in our central and heated furniture warehouses in and around Hamburg.

Whether short or long term, with Klingenberg you always store right!

We offer short-, medium- and long-term storage solutions for the storage of furniture, instruments, files, household effects and other stored goods. Temporary storage is ideal, for example, in the event of a short-term stay abroad. Even in the case of a household clearance or a delay in the completion of a new house, we can store your belongings quickly and easily for as long as you want or need them. We can also reliably store large items of furniture, musical instruments or heirlooms that do not (yet) have a place in your home. Your belongings will be safe and dry in our modern storage facilities - for a period of time that you can determine yourself.

Rental storage - we solve your storage problems!

Whether you only want to store a few items or an entire household for a certain period of time, the Heinrich Klingenberg removal company solves your storage problems. We have sufficient storage capacity to safely store all your furniture, household goods, files and other things that are important to you until you return home or until there is enough space for your (valuable) items at your place again. Our Heinrich Klingenberg furniture storage facilities offer sufficient space if things get too tight at your place.

Pick-up and delivery service

Our pick-up and delivery service includes the collection of your furniture or other goods and we then bring them directly to our warehouse. If it is a heavy item that needs to be transported to the 3rd floor, for example, then we will also take care of the delivery again.

Companies - and
Office moves

Office relocation best with Klingenberg. We are the right contact for your comfortable office move or company relocation and your relocation professional for a smooth start at the new location. Business customers also always have something to store!

Furniture assembly service
From the expert

Furniture assembly, furniture installation, furniture dismantling - we do it all and much more! The Klingenberg furniture assembly service is not only characterised by professional competence, our assemblers also always appear friendly and polite. All our furniture assemblers are trained professionals in their field.

No space? Storage space at Klingenberg - Safe. Clean. Dry

Storage space for your storage

From hall to box - individual storage options at Klingenberg

We offer various storage systems for storage. Depending on the size and quantity of the goods to be stored, and whether it is a short-term temporary solution or permanent storage, we will be happy to recommend an optimal and custom-fit solution for you. As a partner of the confern Group, we can store your possessions at over 60 locations in Germany.

Modern furniture storage - clean, safe and dry

As a furniture logistics company, Klingenberg operates five heated furniture warehouses with more than 15,000 m² of storage space in and around Hamburg. They meet all safety standards according to DIN 9001. Your furniture is dry, clean and safe in our storage and archive rooms for private and commercial use. All our warehouses are equipped with free furniture blankets, storage trolleys and furniture dogs, and all storage areas are accessible via freight lifts. Of course, we will gladly take care of disassembly, collection and transport of your stored goods for you and stow everything safely and professionally.

Storage in containers and swap bodies

For a larger amount of furniture and co., storage in containers (32m³) is a good alternative in addition to storage in warehouses. Our professional removal teams will collect your stored goods directly from you. Your belongings will be stowed in the storage container on site and professionally packed for storage. There is no need for further reloading. If you wish, we can seal your storage container. Delivery is also made directly to the address of your choice. Short-term storage is also possible in the swap body (45m³) if required, for example if the move into the new home is delayed.

Furniture storage at Klingenberg - everything under lock and key

Storage space for your storage

Storage boxes and storage crates

Depending on the volume, your objects are stored in storage rooms (from 7 m³), storage boxes or storage boxes. For storage boxes, we use containers made of plywood. Due to its climate and moisture balancing properties, the plywood protects your household goods from dust and dirt. We store your boxes professionally in our storage areas and cover them with furniture blankets. If you only want to store a few or smaller items safely, we recommend our confern boxes. These are robust reusable plastic boxes. With a volume of 80 litres and a loading weight of up to 40 kilos, the confern box is spacious and also suitable for heavy material. The advantage of the box solution: You can order your boxes online, uncomplicatedly and flexibly to your home. We will collect them filled according to your schedule and ensure that they are stored securely and in accordance with data protection regulations. You manage your box digitally. If required, delivery can be made to your desired address within 24 hours.

Particularly cost-effective: Self Storage

For those who would like to do without a collection and loading service, and perhaps don't have a huge amount of furniture they don't need, self-storage is an option. You store your furniture and household goods independently in easily accessible rental units in and around Hamburg. You take care of the transport to the storage location yourself. We have sufficient transport trolleys or rolling boards with which you can move heavy boxes or furniture to your compartment.

Our storage service also for companies and businesses

Also available for short-term storage

Storage for companies - individual warehouse logistics with Klingenberg

For companies, we offer our own storage facilities at five locations in northern Germany or 60 x in Germany. Whether short-, medium- or long-term, regular, temporary or one-off - we will find the right storage solution for your needs at our warehouse locations in Hamburg, Neu Wulmstorf and Kiel on a total area of 15,000 m². We develop customised storage concepts for each product according to the highest safety and quality standards. As an experienced logistics provider, we also handle incoming goods and delivery to the end customer. We have been active in contract logistics for years, and also take care of inventory management and order picking. As a new furniture and kitchen forwarder for the whole of northern Germany, we work successfully with kitchen, furniture and office dealers, logistics companies and Internet mail order companies (e-commerce). You too can benefit from the versatility of our warehouse logistics. 

Storage in overseas containers

If the new house is not yet ready for occupancy or a temporary stay abroad is planned where not all the household goods can be taken along, the container storage service from Heinrich Klingenberg is just the right thing! Our container storage facilities are heated and dry. This prevents condensation and ensures constant climatic conditions. Even in the long term, your stored goods are safe and secure in the container.

Our services for your container storage:

  • Collection of your furniture by our professional removal team.
  • Collection by container truck, directly in front of your door!
  • Collection as an inexpensive additional load is possible in Germany or Europe, please contact us!
  • Direct stowage in our storage containers. Your removal or storage goods are packed directly into this special container. Furniture storage without reloading!
  • Delivery directly to your house. The containers are delivered directly to you for unloading.
  • Dry and heated storage rooms: Your documents, files, furniture, etc. are stored under climatically safe conditions. Insurance cover for your belongings is available on request.
  • Short-term storage by individual agreement - also in a swap case that can be made available immediately if required.
  • At short notice also the provision of your stored items depending on your needs!

Rent storage space - when space is no longer sufficient

the friendly warehouse

Tips for Self Storage

Uncomplicated and simple is the independent self-storage of boxes and furniture that do not fit in the flat. Your belongings are safely stored in a rented compartment of a large storage hall. There is room for furniture, boxes, suitcases, record collections and books, as well as bicycles, motorbikes, instruments, skiing or diving equipment. You can store everything except food, animals, hazardous substances, special waste and weapons. Find out the exact specifications in advance; some providers prohibit the storage of valuables for insurance reasons, for example.

Save costs with self storage

The costs for self storage vary depending on the size of the storage space and the booked duration. The longer you want to store your household goods, the cheaper the rent. And the more space you rent, the less you pay per square metre. Storage areas a little outside the conurbations are usually much cheaper than centrally located self-storage halls. So if you don't need regular access to your stored furniture, hobby stuff and the like, you can save quite a bit of money with a decentralised storage space. If, on the other hand, you need to access your things regularly, it is worth at least checking whether a storage facility near your place of work or your home comes into consideration in terms of price.

Cost-effective and space-saving storage

To avoid incurring unnecessary costs, you should choose the right size of rented compartment and use it optimally. Items to be stored should be stowed in a space-saving manner if possible. Remember to also make use of the room height. Boxes can be stacked on top of each other without any problems and on grandma's antique wooden cupboard you can usually fit 1 or 2 removal boxes on top - and of course something will fit inside. Cupboards can be filled up, smaller items can be stored in larger ones. It is best to disassemble furniture to save space. For longer storage periods or for sensitive items, cover furniture. Don't forget: Label boxes - and the things you need to reach more often should be easily accessible.

Pay attention to safety

It is best to make a list of the items to be stored and ask for advice on site about the size of the space required. If the storage room gives an unkempt impression or even smells musty, then it's better to keep your hands off it. The storage room must be dry, preferably heated, so that your belongings remain safe and undamaged. It is also important that your private belongings are stored behind a privacy screen. We promise high quality standards in terms of safety, cleanliness and dryness as well as convenience. Because it is also important that you can reach the storage location without complications, that parking spaces are available to load and unload items, and flexible opening hours that allow access.

Insurance cover

Most household insurance policies cover the removal of furniture. However, you must inform your insurance company that you are storing household goods off-site. If your household insurance does not cover externally stored goods, you can take out special stored goods insurance.