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Moving: Simple. Better. With Klingenberg.

All removals with Heinrich Klingenberg meet the highest quality standards. We attach great importance to this, which is why we have been operating a professional removal service for a long time. quality management. However, we offer a special service for removals with special requirements: the Premium Removal. With this complete service, we can take care of everything related to your move, if you wish. And that really means everything. Of course, this includes the classic removal services such as dismantling and reassembling furniture and kitchens, packing your belongings, transporting, unpacking, setting up and connecting technical equipment. In addition, we are also happy to take care of the handover of your old flat, deregistration and registration of water, electricity, gas, forwarding orders or the search for a suitable fitness centre or kindergarten at your new place of residence. With a premium move with Klingenberg, you can expect a reliable all-round service that gives you time and peace of mind to prepare for your new phase in life or your new job.

Premium removal - guaranteed stress-free!

In the case of career changes that involve a change of residence, there is often not enough time to deal with the handling of an elaborate move. Sometimes the job change is a big challenge that the person moving wants to concentrate on. Sometimes a whole family is moving, and just organising the change of school or nursery is very time-consuming. This often does not leave much room for preparing and planning the actual change of flat. With the Heinrich Klingenberg removal company, this is not necessary at all. We will be happy to assist you and take care of the entire preparation and handling of your move. Our premium relocation service has been specially designed to meet special demands and requirements, and is geared towards supporting relocating executives and senior staff and their families in the context of, for example, secondment programmes of multinational corporations.

on specials

Wherever you need us, we are there for you. Removal companies should be one thing above all: excellent! As a premium customer, you therefore receive a first-class and certified quality move: at any place and at any time!

and quality

As different as our customers are, as different are the demands and tasks that every move places on us. In order to be able to meet these diverse demands, we place the highest value on the quality of our services and on discretion.

and efficiency

We solve even the biggest problems. Everything has to be thought of during a premium move. Our experts know the safest and best way and take care of a smooth transport to your desired destination - Germany. Europe. Worldwide.

Our Premium Move promises you a comfortable move

Your claim our premium offer

All-round service - we manage your move!

Our aim is to relieve our customers completely of the stress of moving and to ensure that they are ready to move to their new location as quickly as possible. With our premium move, we offer you a reliable all-inclusive service with which you can arrive at your new home stress-free and relaxed. Your personal Klingenberg relocation consultant will find answers to all your questions and plan your move in detail. In consultation with you, our removal teams will independently take care of moving out of your old home and into your new one. When you arrive at your new home, our professional furniture makers will have already assembled cupboards and shelves and put them away according to your specifications. The new (or old) kitchen, lamps and technical appliances have been professionally installed and connected, the aquarium filled with water. And if you tell us beforehand how high you want your pictures to hang above the dining table, we will take care of that detail too. With a premium move from Heinrich Klingenberg, you can relax and move into your new home.

Exclusive relocation service - precise planning right from the start

Comfortable - moving "all inclusive"!

Move discreetly with Klingenberg

Executives and personalities from business, industry, politics, music or sports often place a great deal of value on remaining unrecognised. Discretion is just as much a matter of course for us as absolute reliability and perfection. With a premium move at Klingenberg, you can change your place of residence anonymously and inconspicuously. We know how important it is for people in the limelight to protect their privacy. Our trained furniture movers ensure a smooth and inconspicuous move, at any time and to any place. We guarantee our exclusive VIP clients a move away from the public eye and without press attention. For this purpose, we use, for example, non-sector-specific or neutral removal vans as well as unlabelled removal boxes. Our multilingual removal consultants are flexible in responding to the wishes of our discerning customers. As one of the leading removal service providers and furniture logistics companies in Northern Germany, we have strong, personnel and technical capacities throughout the year to carry out short-term services, moves at night or during the usual seasonal periods. All members of our removal teams have police clearance certificates. Naturally, everyone is bound to discretion, so that you can move into your new home carefree and undetected.

Our services for a discreet move:

  • Removals with neutral truck
  • Employees in neutral clothing
  • Discreet professional staff with police clearance certificate
  • Night and weekend removals

Move safely with "Relo Move Plus

Our premium offer is aimed at all persons who are in the public eye or hold high offices, e.g. in business or politics, in trade unions, churches, banks and insurance companies, in companies listed on the stock exchange, research and development centres, manufacturers of military weapons and equipment. In many cases, security can also become highly relevant when moving. You can change your place of residence not only discreetly, but also safely with the Klingenberg removal company. We work together with Relo Move Plus, a security company specialising in removals. On request, the risk analysis specialists will carry out a security check in your new home. In addition, they can check bugging security, provide professional burglary protection and, if necessary, take care of the installation of cameras. If desired, they can also provide bodyguards and take over driving services at the loading and unloading points.

At the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Foreign Office (AA), special departments take care of security when protected persons or staff move. They issue recommendations on what endangered persons should pay attention to when moving to a new location or flat.

Without worries all-inclusive into the new home with Klingenberg

The Klingenberg Premium move is a "turnkey" move, which means that the new flat is handed over to the relocating person on the day of the move, fully furnished. His presence at the old or new place of residence is not necessary. The premium move is therefore an all-round carefree package, with no hassle and no stress. The Klingenberg removal company takes care of all removal-related work at the old and new place of residence. You don't have to worry about anything. As a customer, you benefit from our first-class performance plus, our outstanding service and absolute discretion.

Our services for your premium move:

  • one advisor/supervisor for the whole project 
  • Top professionals with a police clearance certificate
  • Packing and unpacking service with the same team
  • Environmentally friendly packaging material
  • Professional furniture transport
  • Full embalming and professional treatment of valuable furniture, antiques and works of art
  • Professional transport and treatment of animals 
  • Professional security transports (money, valuables, art)
  • Handyman service for new and old residence
  • Refurbishment of furniture
  • Transfer of cars, classic cars, boats, yachts, motorbikes 
  • Transport insurance at replacement value
  • Relocation services (dealing with authorities for passport and vehicle documents, vaccination appointments, setting up bank accounts, insurance services)
  • Security personnel

Your exclusive relocation service from Heinrich Klingenberg Umzugsfachspedition

Premium removal - guaranteed stress-free!

First-class service - Premium relocation with Heinrich Klinbenberg

Moving house is always stressful. No matter who is moving, no matter where, no matter how much is to be taken with them. It starts with the search for a new, suitable home, continues with hiring a removal company, sorting out and packing the removal goods, transport, unpacking, setting up, dealing with the authorities at the new place of residence, handing over the old home, etc. With our Heinrich Klingenberg Premium Removal Service, we reliably take care of everything to do with your move, so that you arrive relaxed in your new home. 

The sooner you contact the Heinrich Klingenberg removal company, the sooner we can support you in organisational and scheduling matters relating to your removal project. We have more than 140 years of experience in organising and handling all kinds of removals. That is why we can always guarantee all our customers a smooth and stress-free move.

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