Outdoor lift

The new home is on the fifth floor or in an old building without a lift?

The furniture lift, also called an external lift, is always used when the architecture of your building does not allow for a normal removal of the removal goods in our removal vans. This could be, for example, a very narrow staircase, a spiral staircase or the 5th floor, where you can save on personnel costs by using an external lift. 

A furniture lift is therefore an interesting aid to comfortably move your furniture and the entire inventory to or from higher floors. It is an immense relief for everyone involved, as muscles and nerves are spared, and not least the staircase interior. It also keeps your own furniture even better protected from damage.

Move management /

Planning corporate relocations from A to Z - many companies rely on the planning skills of professionals. It quickly becomes apparent that the relocation of complex removals, workshops or industrial facilities cannot do without intensive planning, conception and, if necessary, only furniture lifts.

and quality

As different as our customers are, as different are the demands and tasks that commercial relocation places on us. In order to be able to meet these diverse demands, we place the highest value on the quality of our services. We bring you to your destination perfectly planned.

Transparency and

Good employees reduce costs, poor quality leads to cost growth. In order to objectively assess the quality of our performance, we ask about customer satisfaction after every service we provide. More than 95 % of all customers would move again with Klingenberg Möbelspedition.

A furniture lift is a type of lift that is attached to a building from the outside

Cost savings when moving

Cost saving furniture lift

Another clear advantage is the less time you need for a move. From a certain amount of removals and correspondingly accumulating floors, our outdoor lift becomes a time and cost saving machine. This means you can be moved back in within the shortest possible time. Our removal consultant will take a very close look at your premises, decide in the consultation whether the external lift should be used and check whether there is also sufficient floor space for our lift.

Do you want to aim high when moving?

Advantages of an outdoor lift

A furniture lift can help reduce the stress of moving significantly

Today, removals have to be handled quickly, efficiently and safely. For most people, a move is often associated with stress and it is precisely for this reason that it is essential that you can completely rely on the technical equipment. Heinrich Klingenberg offers a wide range of furniture lifts to meet these needs. The maximum lifting heights of our different models range from 18 to 35 m with a maximum payload of up to 400 kg. Thus, Klingenberg offers the right furniture lift at any time, even for complex transports. Furniture is moved more gently, more quickly and thus more cost-effectively. The furniture lift is precisely positioned and assembled without any loss of time. The staircase or the passenger lift is spared, while the loading area can be used as a basket with side walls or as a large surface, as required. Technical data of the furniture lift are as follows:

  • up to 400kg load capacity Maximum extension 35 metres (approx. 6th floor) assembly and disassembly of the furniture lift takes approx. 15 minutes is driven by an electric motor (low-noise for night-time operation)
Of course, we also rent out our lift for special operations at lofty heights. Give us a call!