Moving quality is us!

Binding performance promises you can rely on

Quality is considered the essential competitive factor. Only with high quality can we meet our own requirements and those of our customers in the age of international networking and advancing globalisation. Reliable quality management is indispensable for this. We have the globally recognised proof of quality capability and are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, all our employees take part in training and further education events at regular intervals. After each move, our customers are asked in writing about the quality of the services provided.

The result: 95% of all customers would move again with Heinrich Klingenberg.

To justify these seals of quality year after year, we have to meet strict performance requirements and controls. We achieve this goal first and foremost only through the consistent and ongoing training of our staff. We not only deliver quality removals, we also assure you of them, because it is, after all, one of the most sensitive services.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the move, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules!

Removal quality
we are !

Differentiation campaign of the German moving cooperatives. A communication offensive for the sustainable positioning of the cooperating removal companies in Germany. www.umzugsqualitä

Dynamic and

Anyone who wants to offer perfect furniture forwarding services needs expertise and a lot of experience down to the smallest detail. This starts with training. We are therefore one of the companies that take care of the solid training of their junior staff themselves

Removal quality means: We are independently audited

So that your move goes smoothly!

Recognised specialist company

Klingenberg undertakes to work according to the principles of a prudent businessman, to provide clear quotations, to inform about insurance and liability regulations, to employ trained specialist staff, to use environmentally friendly packaging material. We are a confern-certified specialist company. In the now confusing flood of service offers that can be found on the Internet or in classified ads, among other places, it is not easy to distinguish reputable and experienced companies from other providers.

Removal quality also means: We are really qualified

We employ skilled workers

Motivated employees

Well-trained, hard-working and loyal employees are the foundation of our success. Commitment and skill as well as environmentally conscious actions by the entire team maintain our customers' appreciation and loyalty. Good quality lowers costs, poor quality increases them. For this reason, all employees take part in training events at regular intervals. Directly after each service rendered, our customers are asked for their opinion. The result: more than 96 % of all customers would gladly use our services again.

Anyone can simply promise quality

We take responsibility

Environmental management

Removals cannot be avoided in principle, but we still want to do our part to protect the climate. Since 2012, the removal company Heinrich Klingenberg has been operating a professional environmental management system, because we don't just talk, we also do something. For Heinrich Klingenberg, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 merely serves as a basis for compliance with many strict guidelines. This means that we want to avoid harmful environmental impacts in advance through intelligent organisation instead of compensating for them afterwards.

Relocation quality means: We are networked throughout Germany

Customised relocation concepts

Climate-neutral relocation with Heinrich Klingenberg

As an association of removal companies in the furniture transport industry, we move many hundreds of vehicles every day. We use state-of-the-art equipment, a vehicle fleet that complies with the latest Euro pollutant standard and environmentally friendly fuel. Our route planning is IT-optimised and GPS-supported. This benefits not only you, but also our environment.

Climate protection

As a leading furniture forwarder in Hamburg, we consciously assume ecological responsibility and are committed to protecting the climate and the environment. Not only for us, but also for future generations. Get in touch with us! Learn more under