Accompanying cargoes

Accompanying load in removal traffic

By combining this with other furniture transports, you can obtain additional loads at a fair price. With our regular scheduled services and long-distance moves in Germany and Europe, there is often a cubic metre or two of loading space available. In this case, a part load or other small transports are a good option. We also offer the possibility of using a consolidated container for overseas imports and exports at favourable conditions. This way, you not only save money, but also make a contribution to environmental protection by eliminating expensive individual tours.
So you not only save money, but also make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by eliminating expensive individual tours, because every kilometre saved helps us and our children to maintain a clean environment.

Expert support

We are happy to help you get your accompanying load from A to B quickly, safely and without complications. All our employees are specialists and extremely competent contact persons. We are personally available to answer all your questions about your move, furniture transport or accompanying load.

Environmentally conscious
according to DIN ISO 14001

As an association of removal companies in the furniture transport industry, we move many hundreds of vehicles every day. Our route planning is IT-optimised and GPS-supported. Not only do you benefit from this, with an additional load option, but also our environment.

Assembly service
From the expert

Assembly, furniture assembly, furniture dismantling - we do it all and much more! The Klingenberg furniture assembly service can also be booked for additional loads and small transports, it is not only characterised by professional competence, our assemblers also always appear polite and friendly.

You will find the best solution with our accompanying cargo specialists.

Small transports as additional loads

Additional cargo service

Heinrich Klingenberg Service offers comprehensive solutions for the distribution of furniture, large appliances and other heavy or large objects. Our service portfolio ranges from collection throughout Germany to delivery and professional assembly. In this way, we meet the requirements of demanding recipients as well as consignors.

Accompanying cargo Germany- and Europe-wide

We offer you the option of taking on small furniture transports or small removals as additional loads. Your furniture items are then loaded onto another order. This means that our furniture trucks have fewer empty runs and are used efficiently. You can also save money and remain flexible in terms of time.


The daughter is moving out and wants to take her desk with her to her place of study, or there is finally room in the new flat for the beautiful old piano, which, however, is in another city with the grandparents. These are typical examples of small shipments for which shipping is a good option. If the transport does not take place until later, we will temporarily put everything in storage until it fits in with your schedule.

Cost-effective alternative to removal or furniture transport

The advantages are obvious

Additional load transports

Get top quality at a fair price by combining it with other furniture transports. With our regular scheduled services in Germany and throughout Europe and through efficient coordination and planning of the vehicles used, free loading capacities can be additionally used and your removal goods can be loaded as a favourable additional load in a cost-conscious manner.

Single removal or small transports as an additional load

Additional loads offer an inexpensive alternative, especially for furniture transport or a small move. For smaller transports, you don't necessarily have to rent an entire vehicle or book the more expensive direct journey.

Additional load or by-pack - the cost-effective transport alternative

Organised simply and inexpensively

International transports from professionals

We are not only on the road in Germany's major cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Berlin. We also always offer inexpensive removal journeys, deadline freight and supplementary loading options throughout Europe. Often, despite the distance to cities such as Zurich, London or Paris, we are cheaper than other removal companies in these cities themselves. We would be happy to help you get your accompanying load from A to B quickly, safely and without complications. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or through our contact form and let us know your accompanying load request.