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The world is a village. This old saying applies today more than ever. Because globalisation and digitalisation have made many industries and companies active worldwide and internationally networked. Many employees work temporarily or for longer periods in branches all over the world. That's why international relocations to North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are now part of our daily business. Today in Hamburg, tomorrow in Shanghai, the day after tomorrow on assignment in Detroit - anyone who is busy and on the road a lot does not want to deal with time-consuming removal preparations and annoying formalities such as customs and import regulations for the upcoming change of location. We, the Heinrich Klingenberg removal company, reliably and cost-effectively take over the entire planning and organisation of your overseas move. We have decades of know-how in international services and a partner network with more than 2000 overseas agents worldwide. We reliably take care of all relocation-related details at your old and new place of residence. With us, your overseas move is in the best hands.

Boundless service
as far as overseas

Agent network with over 2000 partners worldwide. We have never had any unpleasant surprises in the form of subsequent claims, failure to meet schedules or incorrectly executed orders. Our handling and planning of worldwide moves abroad or overseas are of the highest standard.

Knowhow and

Know-how and experience, as well as thinking along and taking responsibility, these are the strengths of Klingenberg. You can rely on us to always deliver the agreed services, our main goal remains to be a reliable partner at your side. Successful since 1877 - we take care of your overseas move.

Transparency and

When you hire a low-cost removal company to transport your private or business goods overseas, you should keep in mind that quality always has its price. Our offers are binding - this means maximum reliability and planning security for you.

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International removals - we move you, wherever!

For many, moving overseas is a great adventure. For some, it is due to a transfer. For others, it is love that draws them abroad. They all have one thing in common: moving overseas is complicated. This is true first and foremost because most of the time you are not there yourself in advance to take care of organisational matters, such as moving helpers or no-parking signs. In addition, different countries have different customs regulations that have to be taken into account and strictly adhered to. There is also a lot to do at the old place of residence before an overseas move. All household effects should be sorted, sorted out and packed.

Contracts for the flat, car, insurance, etc. have to be cancelled, deregistration has to be carried out and perhaps a farewell party for family and friends has to be prepared. In short, an international move means a lot of work and stress. It is easier than organising everything on your own to leave the preparation of an international move overseas in the hands of professionals. The Klingenberg removal company has decades of experience in planning and carrying out all kinds of moves. We prepare your change of residence reliably and professionally so that you have more time to look forward to your new home. Whether you are moving to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Brazil or Mexico, whether you are moving for professional or private reasons, we will ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home safely and without any problems.

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Moving worldwide, best with the moving company Heinrich Klingenberg!

Heinrich Klingenberg is a long-established Hamburg removal logistics company. We have been successfully carrying out international removals and transports for 140 years. We move you from Hamburg to Honolulu just as smoothly as to Hanoi, Hong Kong or Houston. We have already completed removals to almost every country in the world. We are also happy to store parts of your removal goods for the short, medium or long term, for example if your stay is limited in time or you only want to take part of your furniture with you. We are familiar with the different climatic zones of the world and have first-class overseas packaging that is specially adapted to your move. We are familiar with the imponderables that a move by ship and plane can entail. And we know what customs regulations and legal conditions apply in the various countries and for the various transport routes. With our know-how, we can ensure that our customers' goods always arrive safely all over the world.

Leave the work to us. Enjoy the anticipation!

To ensure that your overseas move runs smoothly, we plan all the individual steps precisely and, above all, correctly in advance. First of all, we order a suitable removal container, tailored to the type of cargo and the expected climate conditions on the sea route and at the destination. In order to ensure a smooth process when transporting abroad, we take all customs and import formalities into account reliably and correctly. Even if these are sometimes interpreted rather loosely in some countries. Those who strictly adhere to the regulations are always at an advantage in the event of a dispute. The language barrier is often a problem when moving overseas. Although many forms are available in English as well as the national language, they are full of complicated technical terms that laypeople can often misunderstand or not understand at all. Without sufficient knowledge of the language or experience in exporting and importing goods, this often leads to annoyance and frustration. The internationally operating removal company Heinrich Klingenberg has decades of experience in the preparation and handling of overseas removals, drawing on its worldwide agent network of more than 2000 removal professionals in over 165 countries. That's why we can promise you a smooth, safe and stress-free overseas move. Leave the work and stress of your international move to us. This gives you more time to prepare for your new life overseas.

An international move is more than just a "move"

Who does overseas removals?

It's all in the packaging! Sea freight and air freight packaging

Before you start packing for your overseas move, you need to decide whether all your furniture should be transported by sea freight or whether parts of your household goods should be sent by air freight. According to your wishes, Heinrich Klingenberg's removal professionals will order suitable containers with special sea freight packaging and the required air freight packaging in which we will bring your removal goods safely and in one piece to your new address. As an experienced international removal service provider, we have special packaging of all kinds at our disposal. We transport your valuable works of art just as safely and optimally packed as your heavy sports equipment, sensitive hi-fi and TV sets as well as large and bulky lamps or other pieces of furniture. We adapt our packaging to the individual transport conditions of your worldwide move, i.e. whether the removal goods are to be transported by land, sea or air.

Moving worldwide by sea - overseas removal by sea freight

Goods that are shipped by sea freight require special sea freight packaging. These must have sufficient corrosion protection. This is because salty air, condensation caused by temperature fluctuations and moisture of all kinds during transport or storage can damage your belongings and make them unusable. Our overseas packaging for sea freight is specially designed to transport your removal goods safely and dryly around the world. They have been specially designed for long transports and the demands of waterways.

Moving worldwide by air - overseas relocation by air freight

We also offer special overseas cartons for air freight. Different requirements apply to them than to packaging for road or sea transport. A complete move by air freight is rather unusual. However, parts of the furniture or the most important things for the first few weeks at the new place of residence are often sent ahead by air freight. It is important that every centimetre of loading capacity is optimally utilised. This is because transport by cargo plane is considerably more expensive than by ship. The most important thing when loading a cargo plane is that there is an optimal ratio of volume and effective weight in the hold, i.e. that the weight is evenly distributed in the plane. Accordingly, the weight of your removal goods must also be distributed over several boxes. Our professional packers help here with their expertise to optimally stow your removal goods and procure boxes, cardboard boxes and, on request, custom-made boxes perfectly adapted to your needs to safely transport your furniture and items to your new home. The Heinrich Klingenberg removal company offers customised packaging solutions for your overseas move, for example individual padding, variable load capacity, stable or yielding boxes as well as under-ride capability and much more.

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Door-to-door service - move directly to the front door

When you move overseas with Klingenberg, the containers with your removal goods are guaranteed to be delivered to the front door of your new address. If you choose not to use this door-to-door service, you may have to collect the overseas containers from customs yourself. In addition to a high expense, this can also lead to lengthy, bureaucratic disputes and delays. With a professional removal company at your side, you don't have to waste time and nerves on this. We will take care of all removal-related details for the delivery of your removal goods to your new place of residence. If you wish, we can also provide you with carrying and unpacking assistance. Especially when the overseas move is for professional reasons, the employer wants a relaxed new employee who can concentrate on his new job with energy and not be preoccupied with handling his move. Stress and hassle can be easily avoided if you put your trust in Heinrich Klingenberg for your overseas move. We offer you a wide range of services, from an all-round carefree offer for your overseas move, to pure furniture transport, to storage and interim storage. Range of services. Heinrich Klingenberg is your perfect removal service provider for international removals.

Move safely and smoothly overseas with Heinrich Klingenberg

Our services for your overseas move:

  • Detailed and individual advice from a recognised specialist company
  • Flexible realisation of your wishes
  • Preparation of a customised, binding offer
  • Reliable, trained specialist staff
  • Use of the latest furniture vans and transport technology
  • Optimal special packaging for sea freight and air freight
  • Direct settlements with employers
  • Storage and interim storage in one of our modern furniture warehouses
  • Insurance solutions that go far beyond legal liability
Contact us for a non-binding consultation! We will be happy to provide you with a relocation offer tailored to your individual needs.