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Make room for something new with the professionals from Klingenberg

A move is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. When planning a move, many questions arise: Do I really want to take all these things with me? Do I have room for them in my new home? And do they still suit me in terms of style? Many people who are moving take the opportunity to part with furniture and things that have often accumulated over the years. Be it heirlooms, leftovers from their student days, objects with nostalgic value or simply leftover junk that has ended up in the cellar at some point. Heinrich Klingenberg offers a professional and reliable disposal service for anyone who wants to part with one or the other object or piece of furniture or is even thinking of radically clearing out. In the case of office furniture in good condition, we will also look into a possible purchase. We dispose of heavily worn furniture and bulky waste in an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly manner as part of your move. But even without a move, you can commission us with the disposal of office equipment, furniture, technology and electrical appliances; the professional disposal and destruction of files is also part of our service portfolio.

Competence and

Competence and reliability, as well as thinking along with others and taking responsibility - these are our strengths. You can rely on us to always deliver the agreed service, because our main goal is to be a reliable partner.

and service

Heinrich Klingenberg has been dedicated to the removal industry since 1877. For private individuals or business customers, we offer the right option for every customer group, even when it comes to furniture disposal and clearing out.

Environmentally conscious
according to DIN ISO 14001

For us, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 merely provides the basic framework for compliance with many strict formalities. Acting out of conviction is far more important to us. Furthermore, the motto is to avoid waste instead of disposing of waste.

You need to create space in your flat, cellar, office, house, garden?

Disposal of old furniture

Professional disposal for furniture manufacturers and corporate customers

Of course, we also take care of professional disposal and clearing out for our corporate customers. In the case of furniture transports, new office furnishings or relocations of workplaces or office furniture, we reliably ensure that discarded furniture and all items that are no longer needed are disposed of quickly and in accordance with regulations. Immediately after unloading at the end customer's premises, our trained Klingenberg teams load the redundant furniture so that the new goods can be assembled in free areas according to the customer's wishes. Our furniture workers drive the sorted-out furniture and objects as well as all packing and packaging materials to the nearest recycling centre and dispose of them there in accordance with the regulations.

Environmentally sound disposal of bulky waste and electrical appliances

As a professional waste management company, Klingenberg naturally fulfils all the requirements of the Recycling Management Act (KrWG). (here is the link to the law: https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/krwg/) This regulates the environmentally sound management of waste, which is to be more strongly oriented towards resource, climate and environmental protection than before. Accordingly, special disposal guidelines apply to electrical appliances, which we of course conscientiously comply with. The disposal company Heinrich Klingenberg reliably takes care of the proper disposal of your old furniture and electrical appliances. Paints, varnishes and hazardous waste must be declared as such.

Our services include:

  • Disposal of old furniture
  • Electrical appliance disposals
  • Clearing out
  • Household clearance incl. flat handover
  • Container services
  • Final cleaning
  • Renovation

Your specialist for clearing out all kinds of things

From the cellar to the attic

Disposing of old furniture is easy

But not everything that is old or has been used a lot or no longer appeals is rubbish. Bargain hunters are often particularly pleased with furniture and household items that are in good condition. Used items can be offered on various internet platforms, for a small price or to give away. Perhaps a garage sale before the move is worthwhile, as it can even bring in a little money. Good prices can be obtained for valuable furniture, carpets or designer pieces at auctions or in antique shops. With a little work, the amount of old furniture and bulky waste to be disposed of can be significantly reduced. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to deal with already discarded items, especially since planning a move alone is quite time-consuming.

Removal and disposal - everything from one source with Klingenberg

With the individual old furniture service of the removal company Heinrich Klingenberg, we take this work off your hands. Before the move, we check out a possible purchase or sale of your well-preserved office furniture and on the day of the move, we reliably take care of the professional disposal of all your discarded household items, from the sofa to the washing machine, from the mattress to the curtains, from the homemade wooden bed to the bicycle. Your advantages: you have all services from one source, removal and disposal are carried out on the same date, and you don't have to worry about anything else. We do the work and you have more time to look forward to your new home.

From the cellar to the attic - clearing out of all kinds of things

And if there is a bit more bulky waste than usual, for example a cellar full to the brim, a chamber filled to the top or an attic that has not been entered for a long time, we are also happy to take on complete clear-outs. We clear out warehouses, garages, sheds or gardens, and complete flat and household clear-outs are also in good hands with Klingenberg. We take care of the speedy removal and professional disposal of all items, including final cleaning, until the broom-clean handover to your landlord. If required, we can also take care of any necessary renovation work. Heinrich Klingenberg is your reliable full-service provider for removals, disposal, clearing out and renovation in and around Hamburg.

Environmentally sound disposal of bulky waste and electrical appliances

Bulky waste? - No problem at all!

What is bulky waste?

Not everything that movers sort out is bulky waste. Although the definition is quite clear, it is interpreted differently in the municipalities. Anyone who wants to dispose of their bulky waste themselves should therefore find out beforehand from their disposal company what is collected and what is not. Bulky waste actually includes all household items that you can theoretically take with you when you move house, i.e. items that are movable but too big, too heavy, too bulky or whose material does not fit into the residual waste bin. This does not include permanently installed items such as doors or floor coverings. However, some municipalities, such as Berlin, accept door leaves, laminate, window frames and even bathtubs as bulky waste. So it seems to be at the discretion of the respective disposal company what is permanently installed and what is not. Bulky waste can be disposed of free of charge in normal household quantities. A fee is charged for larger quantities.

What belongs in the bulky waste?

Bulky waste includes dismantled large and small furniture (beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, shelves), carpets, mattresses, ironing boards, large plastic parts such as baby bath tubs, wood from the living area (skirting boards, homemade furniture), scrap metal such as old bicycles, prams, sledges, old suitcases or paddling pools, lawn mowers, garden tools, ladders and old textiles in bags. In some cities, electrical appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, dishwashers, telephones, microwaves) are also taken, in others not.

What does not belong in the bulky waste?

Small items of waste, such as crockery or toys, should be disposed of in the normal residual waste bin. Bulky waste also does not include construction waste, commercial or industrial waste, fences, glass and glass containers, sinks, toilets, car parts (tyres, batteries, rims), fluorescent tubes, paints and varnishes and green waste. These items can be dropped off at the recycling centre as hazardous waste, leaf and garden waste or construction waste, but for a fee.

Bulky waste collection or put on the street?

Depending on the municipality, the bulky waste is placed in front of the door and collected by the disposal company. However, procedures and costs vary from town to town. In some municipalities there are fixed dates on which unwanted furniture and household items can be put out on the street. Collection is then free of charge. In other municipalities, the collection must be ordered and a fee is usually charged for this. The costs vary greatly from municipality to municipality. Ask your local waste disposal company about the usual procedure, preferably with a complete list of the furniture and objects to be collected.

Waste management companies for the ten largest German cities

Disposal at recycling and materials centres

Instead of leaving bulky waste on your doorstep, you can also hand it in yourself at the recycling or materials centre in your municipality. This is always free of charge for normal household quantities. If you want to dispose of a lot of different things (e.g. bulky waste, electrical appliances, wood, green waste), find out which quantities are free of charge and when a fee is due. Most recycling centres are open every day. This allows you to arrange disposal flexibly according to your schedule.

As you can see, a move is always a good opportunity to get rid of unnecessary furniture, old files and anything else that gets in the way.