The Heinrich Klingenberg haulage company at the end of the 1880s

Heinrich Klingenberg founded the moving company Heinrich Klingenberg at Jakobikirchhof in Hamburg's city centre in 1877. Later, another office was opened in Rosenstraße. Initially, Klingenberg started with a single horse-drawn wagon and specialised his haulage business in furniture transport. In 1919, he bought the English biscuit factory on Winterhuder Weg in the Uhlenhorst district of Hamburg, where the company was located until 1974.

Competence and

Competent advice in the run-up to the move, professional handling and serious claims handling in the event of damage. Our employees are exclusively trained professionals, because a successful move needs more than just pack mules!

Environmental management

For us, certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 merely provides the basic framework for compliance with many strict formalities. Acting out of conviction is far more important to us. Furthermore, the motto is to avoid waste instead of disposing of waste.

quality management

Removal companies should be one thing above all: excellent! We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and thus have a globally recognised proof of quality capability, competent advice and tailor-made services.

Heinrich Klingenberg - the moving partner from Hamburg

Quality is our claim.

How things went on after the Great Depression

In 1931, at the time of the Great Depression, Heinrich Schmidt took over the moving company from his uncle Carl, the last direct descendant of Heinrich Klingenberg. After the purchase, Schmidt officially applied for the double name Schmidt-Klingenberg. Despite the poor economic situation, he acquired the first motor vehicles for furniture transport and was able to put the company on a solid footing. During the Second World War, the furniture transport company was completely destroyed by bombing in 1941 and 1943. In 1945, after his return from the war, Schmidt-Klingenberg rebuilt the company. In 1949, under his leadership, a branch was founded in the federal capital Bonn. From here, a regular moving service from Germany to Russia developed, which eventually resulted in a branch office in Moscow. In 1959, Heinrich Schmidt-Klingenberg's youngest son, Jörgen, joined his father at the helm of the company. He concentrated on the operative business, while his father Heinrich continued to be responsible for the strategic direction. In 1962, for example, he was one of the first German forwarding companies to introduce cardboard boxes and furniture lifts for simplified transport and was also one of the first to use EDP.

For over 140 years ...

... we bring you home

The Heinrich Klingenberg removal company is growing unstoppably

In the early 1960s, the forwarding company became a partner of AMÖ. In October 1966, Jörgen Schmidt-Klingenberg was a founding member of the removals partner network confern Möbeltransportbetriebe, in which 13 German furniture removal companies joined forces. Klingenberg also initiated other international cooperations that are still active today. In 1974, the company expanded to about 80 employees and moved to the Norderstedt location. From here, Spedition Heinrich Klingenberg KG operated as a full-service provider. In addition to national or European private or company removals and a relocation service, the company also offered tradesmen who could be commissioned for the removal, but also for furniture repair or manufacture. He took over distribution transport for large companies and built his own truck workshop on the company premises.

38 kilometres of files and 120,000 pieces of furniture from 81 Bonn buildings

The Bundestag procession

The development over the last 25 years

At the beginning of the 1990s, Jörgen Schmidt-Klingenberg's two daughters, Regina and Elena, joined the company in the 5th generation and introduced quality management according to ISO9002. In 1991, the German Bundestag passed the so-called capital city resolution and thus the relocation of the seat of parliament and government to Berlin. In the summer of 1999, the partner network confern carried out the relocation of the Bundestag with 7,000 employees from Bonn to Berlin with significant participation of the company Heinrich Klingenberg. In addition, several embassies moved to the capital at the same time with the Heinrich Klingenberg company.

In 2007, Alexander von Drathen took over the company name in the group of companies and expanded the traditional brand into one of the leading international furniture removal companies in northern Germany. The service provider carries out national and international private removals and company relocations. Since 2007, the company headquarters have been located in Hamburg, Behrkampsweg, and the furniture warehouse in Basedowstraße (Hamburg).

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